Gelato & Sorbetto Flavors

Take a look at our full list of gelato and sorbetto flavors.  We love getting creative and welcome the opportunity to customize the flavors of your dreams.  

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Serving Gelato

» Gelato can be seamlessly incorporated into any restaurant menu to maximize your sales, while leaving your guests with something sweet to remember.

» Create an entire experience for customers and showcase your gelato with full display cases.  Offering hand scooped gelato is a great way to get customers coming back for more.

» Grab and go countertop freezers will maximize your profits and allow customers an on-the-go delicious treat without the hassle.


No freezer or display case?

No problem.  Ask us about affordable options to allow your business to easily get started serving gelato and increase your revenue.

We offer start up packages to get your gelato program underway at little to no cost up front.  Display case, gelato, cups, spoons and more included.


Packaging Options

» (5) Liter Pail (approximately 1.25 gallons) - 2 per case    

» (5) Liter Regular Pan (approximately 1.25 gallons) - 3 per case  

» Quarts - 12 per case 

» Pints - 18 per case